Home Reno Workshop 1: INTERIOR WALL BASICS

Home Reno Workshop 1: INTERIOR WALL BASICS


Thursday, February 28  |  7-8:30 PM
$22.50  /  $17.50 with a four-class pass

All things indoor walls! Perfect for the wanna-DIY homeowner who has an unfinished basement, porch, or another tricky wall. We'll walk through the basics of laying out and framing an interior wall, including a door and window opening. The workshop will cover how to insulate, create a vapour barrier, and drywall the wall -- and you'll get a chance to get your hands a little dirty if that's what you want!

This workshop is part one of a four-part series on the basics of home renovation. Workshop passes can be bought individually or purchased as a four-class pass for a $20 overall discount.