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Ordinary Spokes is run by volunteers! Shoot an email to ordinaryvolunteers@gmail.com to get involved or send us a message on Facebook.

Volunteers can be…

If you’ve got bike repairs skills and knowledge that you’d like to share, you will make an excellent addition to our roster of bike mechanics. You can work with folks who drop-in for repairs during the repair shop hours, work on refurbishing and repairing used bikes, and work with budding mechanics to improve their skill. You can have a regular, or rotating schedule, whichever works best for you.

We do our best to pair mechanics with mechanics-in-training during our open hours. Our aim is to empower cyclists of all experience levels. Working in the shop will give volunteers hands-on experience in a low-pressure environment. Everyone who is interested is welcome to schedule themselves as volunteers in the shop.

We are open to volunteers only on Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm til 9pm. If you are interested in helping refurbish bikes and fine tune your repair skills, get in touch with our volunteer coordinator.

Promoters & Outreachers
We want to build bike culture in the city. We need to get our name out there. We could use your talents to make promotional materials or organize an event with us.

Workshop Facilitators
We want to host many workshops, from bike repair how-tos, to long distance travel strategies, to rebuilding your bike to be a power-generator or record-player. If you’ve got something in mind that you’d like to share, please get in touch and we get those plans into action.

Collective Members
Collective members are committed to the long term of the project. If you have been a volunteer and want to take more responsibility talk to any collective member about transition process from volunteer to collective member.



Thanks so much for thinking of us, and for wanting to keep us going by supporting us with your donation!!

Donating Bikes & Parts
We rely on donated bikes for our Bike Recycling Program and our Build Your Own Bike Program. We can arrange pick-up, though we can’t guarantee that it will necessarily be timely, since we only sporadically have access to a vehicle. Please contact us to make arrangements.

 We kindly ask that donations are of bikes or parts that are in decent and fixable condition. We want to divert good bikes from the dump – we don’t want to become one. Due to limited storage and shop space we can’t take every bike, we’ve got to be picky.

Donating Supplies to the Shop
Our shop is always in need of a little something, here’s a brief list of items that we’d be stoked to have donated to us:

  • handcleaner
  • lumber or plywood sheets (contact us first)
  • shelving & organizing containers/baskets
  • desk lamps or hanging light fixtures
  • clean rags or rag materials
  • tools (contact us)
  • cycling repair books

Donating Money

We can accept donations during shop hours and at events. If you really want to you can mail well-concealed cash to us. We can give receipts for donations, but since we aren’t a charity you can’t use it for your taxes (sorry).

If you want to host a fundraising event on our behalf, we’ll probably love you forever. Please get in touch so we can chat it out.

Donating Time
We are always recruiting new volunteers. If you want to get involved in the shop, doing promotions, putting on a workshop or event, or helping out with grant-writing and policy-stuff please please please get in touch with us.