First tool library to be established in Newfoundland

Libraries in Newfoundland may be struggling to compete with online resources, but there's a new type of library attracting quite a bit of interest.


Efforts are underway to establish the first-ever tool library in St. John's.

Ian Froude, St. John's Tool Library founder,  said in a news release, “We know that a tool library can result in dozens of new neighbourhood projects; thousands of dollars saved by individuals and families; thousands of pounds of food produced in backyards; and significant reduction in landfill waste. The possibilities to strengthen families and communities are endless.”

The idea is inspired by traditional models of the public library system. The St. John’s Tool Library will be home to thousands of home and garden tools available to members for a low annual fee.

Members inspired to take on a weekend do—it-yourself project, complete a home renovation themselves, or convert a backyard to a source of healthy vegetables will now be able to borrow the needed tools for up to seven days, on a rolling basis.

Froude said the idea has already generated significant media attention and he’s already running out of space to host the donated and purchased tools that will make up the library.

A fundraising campaign will enable the rental of a community space to house the Library, which can then open its doors to the public.

 The “crowd funding campaign” will be launched Tuesday at

The news release says individuals and groups can receive a perk for investing in the start of the Library, or can sign up for an early membership. Donations will also be accepted by phone.

Ian Froude